Zade Martin

Joined a live show this evening and received a reading by being picked. All she said was spot on. I haven’t ever discussed anything personal either. Definitely suggest getting a reading.

Stacy Sue Endriss

I am so happy with my reading. It is exactly what I needed and more everything she said was straight on.  🥰🥰Validated.🥰🥰  I love the vibe and felt so comfortable. I recommended her 💯%…

Thank you so so much.

Karma Ware

I’m a returning customer , you won’t find no one like this gem. 🙂 so much validation , things that no one would have known. 🥰 I needed that tonight. thank you so much 🥰 nat.

Kaylee Perry

Let’s start with the fact that I don’t leave reviews quite often and that I have been to quite a few psychic mediums in the past, HOWEVER, I have NEVER had such an amazing, spot-on reading in my life! Not only is Natalie talented, but so incredibly sweet. Never again will I be searching for another psychic medium. She is my go-to, no questions asked. Truly gifted and I cannot thank her enough for the messages that were passed on to me. Can’t recommend enough.

Urhynas Taay

I recently got a reading because I’ve been feeling very “still” lately ! The reading I received was beyond accurate and so helpful . She even gave me a heads up on things to come and I’ll be damned if not a couple days later things started to happen. I’m truly thankful for the guidance and educational information she’s always willing to provide when I’m overthinking or need to just relax ! It’s really great being able to have someone so open to discuss a problem & always give you something to take from the conversation that is very helpful!

This woman is truly & HIGHLY gifted & is so willing to help whoever comes to her

Rae Klein

I love Natalie! Originally she was some lady that showed up in a live doing readings and caught my attention with accuracy and precision. This girl hit me spot on and called out the demon that guides me that is really more of a pain then anything. I’ve had multiple readings by her. Every time she calls me out to the point there’s no second guessing it. If she’s ever asked I’d have her working beside me in a heartbeat. She has a true gift that can’t be taught; it’s either something you have or you don’t.

Ann Hope

Had a reading with Natalie, and was pleased with the information she gave me , would recommend her to anyone who is thinking of having a reading done