Code of Ethics

Every professional needs boundaries and ethics these are mine so that you understand where they are.

  • I will be honest about the information shared in a reading.
  • I won’t bury my responsibilities in a heap of legal fine print.
  • I will not coach clients or fish for information from them.
  • I will not give readings to People Who are Impaired, Incapable or Seem Altered.
  • I have no limits on the number of questions which can be asked.
  • I won’t share information about any reading that I conduct.
  • I will not judge.
  • I will not predict anyone’s time of death.
  • I will not use my abilities to control, manipulate or program another human being.
  • I will not sell anything to you other than your reading doing your reading.
  • I will not knowingly sell any unethically sourced stones or products.