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I had a reading this morning and want to say how greatful I am you chose my name. I needed validation . My worry was about having to move or rent go sky high as my landlord virtually told me the other day. Worried where my next living arrangement is.. But thank you so much. I will book a reading with you soon. Xx

Raye Golden

I’d already started putting a plan in the works, but was wondering if I was really take the right steps for me and my family. After a quick read, I felt reassured I was taking the right path and feel better about things going forward, and am much more optomistic about the future.

Shannon Diaz

She was spot on! Fun and educational! Very talented! Thank you!

Crow Wolf

Wanted to let you know I did the cord cutting ritual last night! Holy shit it was pretty awesome. I kinda teared up at first but then I felt like a weight was lifted!!! It was so weird, I tied the string and it ended up a little higher on the black candle than on the white. The black candle burned down and the string was literally right on the flaming wick and it wouldn’t catch!!! When the white candle finally burned down and touched the string it immediately went up in flames. It spread across the string and hit the black candle and the black candle immediately melted into a pile of wax while the white maintained its shape and continued to burn normally. The black goo continued to burn even after the white burned to the base and went out. It was definitely an amazing experience! Hopefully you come out with more kits in the future!!!

Anne McArdle