• Hannah Brown

    Absolutely amazing work and spot on!! Great energy and vibes

  • Zade Martin

    Joined a live show this evening and received a reading by being picked. All she said was spot on. I haven’t ever discussed anything personal either. Definitely suggest getting a reading.

  • Ashley Barradas

    She is absolutely amazing! 10/10 recommend.

  • Stacy Sue Endriss

    I am so happy with my reading. It is exactly what I needed and more everything she said was straight on.  Validated.  I love the vibe and felt so comfortable. I recommended her %… Thank you so so much.

  • Jean Guy

    Highly recommend the no negativity spray. smells good too!

  • Karma Ware

    I’m a returning customer , you won’t find no one like this gem. so much validation , things that no one would have known. I needed that tonight. thank you so much nat.

  • Kaylee Perry

    Let’s start with the fact that I don’t leave reviews quite often and that I have been to quite a few psychic mediums in the past, HOWEVER, I have NEVER had such an amazing, spot-on reading in my life! Not only is Natalie talented, but so incredibly sweet. Never again will I be searching for […]

  • Urhynas Taay

    I recently got a reading because I’ve been feeling very “still” lately ! The reading I received was beyond accurate and so helpful . She even gave me a heads up on things to come and I’ll be damned if not a couple days later things started to happen. I’m truly thankful for the guidance […]

  • Rae Klein

    I love Natalie! Originally she was some lady that showed up in a live doing readings and caught my attention with accuracy and precision. This girl hit me spot on and called out the demon that guides me that is really more of a pain then anything. I’ve had multiple readings by her. Every time […]

  • Ann Hope

    Had a reading with Natalie, and was pleased with the information she gave me , would recommend her to anyone who is thinking of having a reading done

  • Heather Pell-Monahan

    My hour-long session with Natalie was such a great experience. I cannot wait until next time. 

  • Raye Golden

    thank you love for the messages today, it was indeed spot on…You picked up on the regressions I been dealing with and now getting back on track… x

  • Katie Grace Conaway

    Had an hour-long session with Natalie the other day. I’m at a loss for words. Had some family show up I never thought would be watching out for me. Natalie asked me about an anniversary coming up and it actually reminded my mother of her wedding anniversary being the next day She’s an absolutely incredible […]

  • Corinna Turner Cooper

    very spot on and very polite and does her best to explain things and doesn’t let the clock stop her was very pleased try it you be amazed

  • Jackie Hinkle

    I had the best experience with my reading with Natalie! Not only do I love her personality, but she was dead on with things that no one that didn’t know me would know!! If you are looking for a shockingly accurate reading, it’s worth every second!!!!

  • Shea Stackpole

    I received an hour-long session that was beyond amazing. 5 different spirits came to say hi and to give messages. It was just what I needed to help my roots heal from so much tragic loss. thank you Thank you thank you. highly recommended. Update: 2nd reading just as amazing and spot on. she predicted […]

  • Missy Rusin

    Thank you for my reading, it was right on point. Thank you for the guidance- can’t wait to book a full spread. Have a wonderful weekend- sending love and light to all

  • Amu Thomas

    Natalie is truly amazing, I’ve now had 2 readings done with her and each one has been so spot on it’s absolutely incredible. Her tarot card reading really helped comfort me through a difficult time and it really proved to be exactly what I needed, and more recently her mediumship was incredible. Having never met […]

  • Kelly Dianne Daniels

    Natalie is so so so lovely ! I felt like I’ve known her forever! My reading was epic and answered a lot of questions and it confirmed and validated things I needed clarity on ! She also surprised me with a few things that no one would know about me and my experience – Ahhhmazing […]

  • Brooke Dolobach

    I would definitely recommend Natalie. She connected with my mom, grandpap, best friend and neighbor. I was so happy to hear from them.

  • Ciji Shaffer

    Great experience!!! Definitely connected with family and got some answers I was hoping to get!! If you want someone who is understanding and truly good at what they do, Natalie is wonderful!!

  • Kisa Marshall Dlugos

    Natalie is such an amazing, kind and genuine soul. I enjoyed my time chatting with her today. She is the real deal. Give her a call , you will be glad you did.

  • Stacey Chappell

    If you are on the fence about scheduling with Natalie, don’t be! Go schedule now! She’s wonderful!

  • Brandy Shaffer

    I had my first reading with Natalie a few hours ago. It was an amazing experience. She was so personable, intuitive, caring, and down to Earth. Her reading was spot on! I highly recommend her to anyone needing help with their spiritual healing. 

  • Ann Morgan-Cummings

    I had the most fabulous reading by Natalie! She is so intuitive and I am super impressed with how she nailed it in my particular situation. She is very nice and personable and after a few minutes talking to her, it’s like you’ve known her all your life. Her readings were spot on! I highly […]

  • Shae Schnelle

    I just got a reading last night and all I’ve to say is absolutely wonderful reading and very accurate! Thank you for doing this for me! 10/10 for anyone curious! 

  • Andrea Escorriola Herrera

    Ordered a mystery box to help with my 2021 goals and I am in love with it. It is perfect.

  • Michelle Stuckey

    I related 100% to what she told me. She is very sweet and kind too.

  • Rebekah Panico

    Natalie is awesome, her readings are spot on and intuitive.  She is also wonderfully responsive to messages.  I would recommend her to anyone who is curious, searching, or looking for spiritual guidance and growth.

  • Rowena Putt

    such a sweet person and beautiful energy .First time I was on her live and she gave me messages from my dad and it was spot on . Thankyou

  • Shawna Dixon

    Natalie is awesome! She connected with me so well on my very first reading with her. Everything she said was on point with things going on in my life. I will be a regular client! 

  • Brandy Bell Parmer

    Omg! In casual conversation Natalie mentioned that she feels like my husband has “good news” coming and an approval of some sort. Flash forward two weeks. We have been approved for the next step in adoption! He was also offered a new job! Better pay, hours and so much closer to home. Natalie, your gift […]

  • Mila Petty

    received much needed messages and so grateful for I can start moving the direction I need to go with blessings of angels .thank you so so

  • Keeley Hall

    Natalie has such an amazing gift. I am so pleased with the reading I received and all the information I learned. It’s truly amazing. Her ability to express care and peace when it comes to answering your questions or sharing messages from loved ones is like none other. She is an absolutely amazing soul and […]

  • Meagan Wetzel

    very accurate and timely reading, thorough and helpful. 10/ 10 stars

  • Tajae Mason

    amazing reading definitely way more insight then i expected will definitely have her do more readings in the future 

  • Stacey Pyle Uphold

    Highly recommend Natalie! She knew things that no one else would have known! Amazing read!

  • Elizabeth Christine

    It was amazing how accurate the reading was and how much fun I had while interacting with Natalie! She has such a great style and really makes you feel validated in things you are going through. I will definitely be seeing her again in the future!!!

  • Aschia Lee

    you must go and have a reading she is awesome and know exactly what she is doing

  • Jason Ruehl

    Before my reading even began (Online, mind you) she gave me a message from a passed-on loved one, noting both her age and by name! I was flabbergasted! Natalie is an absolutely amazing medium!

  • Theresa Bal

    Natalie gave me an amazing reading today on her live. Not only that, my brother who passed was also present. It was simply amazing how she described his dark hair and mention about water. He died of drowning. It was nice and reassuring to know that he was there and that he is also with […]

  • Taylor Catnip Smith

    incredibly accurate, very kind and able to identify some issues that only my husband really knew about. was able to verify something I needed to hear, and was able to show me it was real. her divination was amazing and helped clear my mind of some issues that seem to be bothering me right now

  • Brandi DeLay Dunlap

    I received a free reading and I must say I received more information than I thought possible for a free reading.  It resonated with me on so many levels.  It’s crazy how accurate she was and I have never met her before. I plan to pay for a reading, I can’t wait to see how […]

  • Amanda Jane

     Thank you for my mini read. On point. Needed the clarity. 

  • Anna Sisler

    Natalie was able to connect with my mom that passed away 10 years ago. She is in my opinion authentic and does have a gift! She gave me a message from my mom about things that Natalie could never have known! I will definitely get together with her in the future! 

  • Bse Destin

    she is such an amazing person she helped me in so many ways I have no idea how to thank her and give her a chance. She is LEGIT !!

  • Pearl Scott

    OMG she seen right through me she is a fabulous reader

  • Selena Savage

    Natalie is amazing she sent chills through me the other night while over the phone I highly recommend The Pendulums Path, thank you Natalie for the other night 

  • Shawntel M Cuevas

    Nats has always been right on the money, she will tell you how it is good or bad, but on the better end of the deal she gets you prepared for the good coming or the bad at least you know somewhat to expect ! Thanks again my friend

  • Carinna Ferguson

    Natalie is great – she pulled cards for me during a live performance and was spot-on. It was nice to hear! Thanks! 

  • Loraine Andrews

    So today Natalie pulled a card for me. I can not Express how spot on she was with what she told me, this was during one of her live chats. This genuine and down to earth lady has a gift. The information she gave me in just a few short minutes brought a smile to […]

  • Ele Shnier

    Absolutely amazing reading!  Natalie is not only a precious soul but a gifted psychic.  You will thoroughly enjoy this unique experience.Mega thanks Natalie!

  • Kate Mcintyre

    Natalies Mediumship is one of the best I have received I also had the 3cards past,present and future …. l found Natalie spookily spot on ….definitely impressed and I shall return for more but till then ….thank you,thank you, thank you ….you are amazing Natalie and I recommend you to anyone in the future xxx

  • Shannon Freshcorn

    She is such a warm and kind soul.  Everything we spoke about hit home on so many levels.  Thank you hun!

  • Lynne Lancaster

     Just had cards amazing reading xxx

  • Yvette Stoward

     I had a card pulled and joined a live Facebook reading with Natalie and she answered some very important questions for me. I was awed and amazed at the accuracy and perception of Natalie. She has helped me to focus on some areas of my life I need to deal with. Thank you Natalie 

  • Joe Martin

    I was always skeptical about Medium’s until last night when Natalie gave me a reading while she was on the phone with my girlfriend and wow it was an awesome experience that definitely changed my thoughts on believing. Definitely sent chills through my body. She’s spot on. Thanks Natalie

  • Jessica Onuma

    When I received my message from Natalie, I immediately felt lighter, as if my spirit began to flutter its wings. Thank you for sharing yourself and your gifts with us

  • Kathy Mayle

    Natalie told me what I wanted to know, it gave me some hope that things will get better

  • Tonai Jacobs Clayton

    Her reading was one of the best I ever had. It sure gave me hope!!

  • Harriet Octavia Delacruz

    For Natalie to just be starting off this business I can say she is so very intuitive! There were just a few questions i needed clarification and guidance on & she did just that For her to take the time out of her day while being at work to help give me some guidance and […]

  • Siobhan O Rourke

    Wow what an amazing experience with Nathalie. This  was a first for me with a pendulum.  She was amazing. I have no hesitation in recommending Nathalie… a beautiful and gifted  soul.

  • Tracy Pyles

    If anyone ever needs a reading I highly recommend you to go see Natalie McVicker. She truly has a great gift and she is on point with everything. Thank you so much for an AMAZING experience today. It felt like a weight has been lifted off my chest that has been haunting me. Thank you […]