Natalie Bio

Natalie McVicker is a psychic medium who was born in Edinburgh Scotland but currently resides in West Virginia. Natalie was born with a natural connection to spirit and had multiple times where her abilities resulted in some very interesting and unexplainable moments growing up.

Despite her natural gifts, she did not have her big psychic awakening until her mid 30s after going to therapy for PTSD.

Once Natalie discovered her abilities she learned how to hone them and grow as an intuitive through the use of multiple social media outlets, various other tarot readers workshops and meditation to connect with her clients and spirit in a down to earth and often humorous manner. Natalie’s gifts, accuracy and friendly nature make her a highly sought after intuitive.

Natalie uses a mixture of Tarot cards, Oracle cards, Pendulums, crystals and her connection to source to guide her clients through even the toughest of life’s situations all via video or audio calls! No need to get up and get dressed up for this experience, just a cup of tea, a snack (some tissues) and jammies are required if that’s what you are comfortable with. Natalie uses her own personal traumas which include abuse, kidnapping and various other assaults, to help navigate her clients through even the toughest of life’s situations.

Her desire to bring peace and healing to her clients, dry sense of humor, new perspectives, and use of hilarious metaphors makes sessions with Natalie a unique and fun experience.

On average readings with Natalie take roughly 15 minutes to get to the heart of a specific matter and how to proceed, 30 minutes for a basic general reading to receive life guidance on what spirit needs you to know how to move forward, however if you want to see what spirit has to say in multiple areas of your life then a one hour “anything goes” session can be an amazingly enlightening and healing experience.

A session with Natalie is like talking to a friend who has been there, done that, and still has the moth eaten t-shirt to prove it.

She welcomes people 18 and over from all walks of life and is a safe space for all LGBTQIA people to be their true selves.