Esoteric News Briefs 3.4 – Psychic Medium Natalie McVicker

This episode of the Esoteric Book Club where host Jason is interviewing Psychic Medium Natalie McVicker of the Pendulum’s Path! They are discussing the discovery of her gifts, her ‘awakening’, and how it changed her life. 

From The Esoteric Book Club:

Welcome to the Esoteric Book Club; a podcast reviewing titles in the fields of esotericism, paranormal, supernatural, and magic. Main episodes are a summary and review of a single book title or series. New Briefs episodes are a retelling of recent events or conversations with authors and people within the realm of the paranormal. (Sometimes I even talk about dinosaurs, because who doesn’t love dinosaurs!?) Main episodes are released on the Full Moon and News Briefs episodes are released on the New Moon. Here at the Esoteric Book Club I want you to remember to do one thing: stay weird!

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