Divination Night with guest Natalie McVicker

Lady Gwendolyn- With over 10 years of experience in tarot and a deep connection to my roots, I have a grounded approach that provides meaningful insights. Between my spiritual connection and training, helping others on their journey is my privilege and sacred duty. A clairsentient and clairaudient tarot reader, numerologist, and reiki practitioner who has additional training in Access Bars and specializes in shadow work to help you reach your potential. Unhappiness, stress, and conflict describe your love life? Lady Gwendolyn uses tarot and her clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, and empathic abilities to help you find Intimacy, inspiration, and connection.

Natalie McVicker is a (38) year old Psychic Medium from Edinburgh, Scotland. Natalie currently resides and works out of Morgantown, WV, and has built a small business around her Pendulum, Tarot, Oracle, and Psychic abilities. She began communicating with spirits from a young age, however, her gifts were shelved until she experienced a massive awakening in her mid-30’s. Natalie has read for thousands of people through multiple online spiritual pages and mediumship groups as well as the many private clients she serves globally. Natalie uses her abilities not only to bridge the gap between the human and the spirit world but to also give hope and guidance to those who are struggling in this life. Voted “Best Tarot Reader and Psychic Medium in Monongalia County 2021. https://www.facebook.com/Thependulums…

What is Divination Night? Divination Night was Created by Lady Gwendolyn as a way to Promote and Explore the World of Psychics and Readers from all Paths. In Divination Night many forms of Connecting with the spirit and guides across all mediums are brought to the surface. Tarot, Oracle, Pendulum and even Channeling is explored. From Beginners to Seasoned Professionals all are welcome to Self-Promote and Practice their Abilities. How does the Show Work? While we focus on the Guest and their Abilities we discuss special skills and interests. Where you can find them to book your own Private reading if you connect with their style. As a purpose of the show, the listener may ask for a reading, as time allows. In order to receive a reading you must comment on your Date of Birth, reason is No readings are permitted for minors.

While Everyone on the Show is here to help you…. Please Keep in Mind the Show is for Entertainment Purposes and Is in No way Meant for use in place of Legal, Financial, or Medical Professionals.

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