Chainmail Dixxx Pendant


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Introducing Our Unique Chainmail Pendant

Looking for a statement piece that combines medieval charm with modern flair and a dash of cheeky humor? Our handcrafted chainmail pendant is just the thing. This stunning piece of jewelry, available as a pendant (necklace not included) or keyring, features a meticulously crafted phallic design complete with stainless steel balls.

It’s a conversation starter, a bold fashion statement, and a playful nod to “swordsmanship” all in one. Whether you’re looking to instill a bit of phallic rivalry with Superman or simply want to showcase your unique sense of style, this pendant is sure to turn heads.

Embrace the unexpected and add a touch of armored elegance to your accessories collection. Perfect for anyone who appreciates the blend of medieval artistry and modern humor.

Necklace pendant or keyring available.

This product has an updated version, the Chainmail Dixxx Peen-dants!


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