Citrus splash cleansing scrub 4oz


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Handcrafted with sugar, grapeseed oil, Castile Soap, Vitamin E oil, Lime, Grapefruit and Tangerine Essential Oils, this all-natural cleanser is incredibly rich, luxurious, and exfoliating! The colder months can leave us feeling dry and energetically gray. Use this magical scrub in the shower or by the sink to not only clear the dirt and dry skin away but also a little bit of the winter blues that clouds your day. This scrub not only feels amazing while gently cleaning with all-natural castile soap, but it smells bright and energizing with its mixed citrus scents. Allow the summer sun to shine year-round in your home or bath with this handmade product today! use a small amount on dry or damp skin for best results, emulsify with warm water and rinse. *Do not use on face, rinse thoroughly*

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