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These handmade salts are filled with magic and intention. Do you wish to add a boost to your spiritual workings??? Want to take the guesswork out of creating herbal mixtures to aid n your workings??? These salts may be just the thing for you! Red salt for fire, speed, and fast workings, Purple Salt for psychic workings whether for protective intentions or for invoking, Pink Salt is made to bring in loving energies for self-love or love for others, Yellow Salt for bringing sunshine, joy, and happiness to your work, and green salt for aiding in financial, prosperity and abundance workings (can even be used to consecrate your gardening tools!!!) Whether it’s used in dressing candles, laying circles, or adding to burn offerings these versatile salts will add magic to all you do!

Red, Black, Green, purple, yellow, pink

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Introducing our Handmade Intention Salts, an enchanting fusion of natural salts infused with the magic of intention. Each variety of salt is meticulously crafted to enhance and amplify your spiritual practices, whether you seek fire, protection, love, joy, or prosperity. Elevate your rituals, spellwork, and manifestations with these potent salts, designed to empower your spiritual journey.

Red Salt – Ignite Your Desires:

Our Red Salt is imbued with fiery energy, symbolizing speed and swift manifestations. It’s perfect for fast workings, igniting your intentions with passion and intensity. Use it to fuel your desires, add energy to your spells, or infuse your rituals with determination.

Purple Salt – Unlock Psychic Insights:

Our Purple Salt is a gateway to the realms of intuition and psychic abilities. It enhances protection and invocation practices, offering clarity and guidance from the spiritual realm. Use it to strengthen your connection to the unseen, bolster your psychic workings, and invoke protective energies.

Pink Salt – Embrace Love and Compassion:

Our Pink Salt resonates with the gentle energies of love, both for oneself and others. It’s a powerful tool for nurturing self-love, enhancing relationships, and spreading love and compassion. Use it to create a loving atmosphere in your space, set loving intentions, or infuse your rituals with heartwarming energies.

Yellow Salt – Bask in Sunshine and Joy:

Our Yellow Salt radiates the joyful energies of sunshine, inviting happiness and positivity into your life. It’s ideal for uplifting your spirits, promoting joy, and dispelling negativity. Use it to infuse your surroundings with sunshine, invoke feelings of happiness, and add a touch of optimism to your rituals.

Green Salt – Cultivate Prosperity and Abundance:

Our Green Salt embodies the energies of financial prosperity and abundance. It’s a potent tool for attracting wealth and success into your life. Use it to empower your financial spells, create abundance altars, or infuse your rituals with the energies of prosperity.

Enhance your spiritual works, boost your intentions, and amplify your magical practices with our Handmade Intention Salts. Whether you’re dressing candles, creating sacred circles, or adding them to your offerings, these salts are a versatile and powerful addition to your spiritual toolkit. Let the magic of intention guide you on your spiritual journey, helping you manifest your desires and create the life you envision.

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Red Salt – Ignite Your Desires, Purple Salt – Unlock Psychic Insights, Pink Salt – Embrace Love and Compassion, Yellow Salt – Bask in Sunshine and Joy, Green Salt – Cultivate Prosperity and Abundance


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