Leave the Negativity Spray (Energy Clearing “Smudging” Spray


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Introducing our “Leave the Negativity” Spray, a transformative energy clearing mist crafted to elevate your space without the need for smoke or incense. Perfect for those with smoke allergies, restrictions from landlords, or simply preferring a smoke-free alternative, this spray is a refreshing blend of natural elements designed to leave your environment purified and positively charged.

🌙 Moon Water Infusion: Harness the serene energy of the moon with our specially infused moon water. Moon water is known for its spiritual cleansing properties, offering a connection to the celestial forces that influence tides and emotions. Let this lunar elixir lay the foundation for your space’s energetic renewal.

🍋 Lemon & Lavender Freshness: Awaken your senses with the uplifting scents of lemon and lavender. These citrus and floral notes bring a burst of freshness, creating an invigorating atmosphere that dispels stagnant energy and promotes a sense of clarity and calm.

🌿 Sage & Rosemary Harmony: Experience the age-old synergy of sage and rosemary, revered for their purifying qualities. Sage has been used for centuries in rituals to cleanse and protect, while rosemary adds a touch of grounding energy, creating a harmonious blend that revitalizes your surroundings.

🌊 Sea Salt Purification: Harness the power of sea salt, a natural purifier that has been used for centuries in various cultures. Sea salt cleanses by absorbing negative energies, leaving behind a space filled with purity and tranquility.

🌲 Frankincense & Peppermint Elevation: Elevate your spirits with the enchanting blend of frankincense and peppermint. Frankincense, a sacred resin, connects you to the divine, while peppermint adds a refreshing kick. Together, they create an atmosphere of elevated energy and mental clarity.

💨 Smoke-Free, Allergy-Friendly Clearing: Say goodbye to smoke and welcome a hassle-free clearing ritual. Ideal for those with smoke allergies or living in spaces where traditional smudging may not be suitable. This spray offers a convenient and effective way to cleanse your environment and uplift your energy.

💎 Spray Bottles Only, Crystals and Besom NOT INCLUDED: Note that this offering includes the 16oz spray bottle only. Crystals and besom are not included but can be seamlessly incorporated into your own rituals or practices.

🌟 Revitalize Your Space, Elevate Your Energy: Transform your living space into a haven of positivity with our “Leave the Negativity” Spray. Embrace the convenience of a smoke-free clearing alternative and let the power of nature’s elements rejuvenate your environment. A harmonious blend of moon-infused water, essential oils, and sea salt awaits your transformative journey. ✨🌿


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